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I’ve been having fun speaking at conferences and meetups this year. Please contact me via twitter or linkedin if you’re interested in having me talk about D3.js or web maps at your next event!

Designing Beautiful Maps with D3.js

This is a talk I’ve given at the Dayton Data Visualization Meetup, Chicago Web Conf, and FOSS4G. It covers designing maps with D3.js, with each map building on the one before it. Starting out with a basic setup that includes retrieving geo-data from the server and drawing it on the map, the talk goes into using SVG and CSS tricks, and then utilizing D3 color scales and unique mapping projections to help you build the best map possible. The slides and source code I cover in the talk are available on github at

FOSS4G North America - 03/12/2015

Chicago Web Conf - 02/21/2015

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